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- What Is Your House Worth?

What is Your House
in El Paso Worth?

EPCHB on August 04, 2023
What is Your House in El Paso Worth?

This is probably the most important question to ask as you prepare to sell your home in El Paso. You want to compare and contrast your home’s value so that when you decide to accept an offer, you will have peace of mind knowing it was the most competitive asking price available. El Paso Cash Home Buyers has been providing fast, reliable service to homeowners in the Sun City. Continue reading to learn more about what we have to offer.

Online Tools to Consider Using When Selling Your Home

Today, several online websites have made it possible to do an analysis without ever having to hire a real estate agent. One of the most popular used sites for monitoring a home’s value is Zillow.com. Zillow uses data mixed from various sources and merges them into one. What Zillow is not able to predict is factors inside the home such as interior updates. When we do a walkthrough of your home, we’ll be able to see what repairs are needed. As always, we will buy your home as is!

Another website many potential home sellers enjoy using is Trulia.com. As opposed to Zillow’s mixed-market algorithm, Trulia averages the worth of your home based on the listing prices of homes in your area. Along with this, Trulia takes into consideration your home’s square footage, lot size, and the number of bedrooms and baths.

If you’re looking for a more data-driven tool that acts like an online brokerage, you may want to check out Redfin.com. What Redfin does that other two mentioned sites do not, is it offers details on the property, such as how much property taxes cost each year. Moreover, it uses data from the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), which calculates your property’s current value.

We Offer Free Market Analysis

While online tools are certainly a good starting point, they are not fully accurate. If this type of public information was precise, there’d be no reason to go through an agent. An agent’s role is to do the full market analysis.

We perform a free Comparative Market Analysis (CMA), which is an in-depth report on how your home measures against competition, both properties for sale and ones that have sold in the area. The primary purpose of the analysis is to find out the highest price that your home will sell in the market as it stands today.

Using the CMA, we can get a clear picture of your home’s age, amenities, square footage, and other fact-based reasons behind our asking price such as the neighborhood value. If your home requires repairs, we will also perform an After Repair Value (ARV) to help you understand the cost and time you are saving by selling your home as is. Our goal is to help get you out of your home fast while providing knowledge and insight on the real estate market.

How You Can Prepare to Sell Your Home

Know your area’s value. One way of assessing the value of your home is to study the home from a satellite view on Google Maps. By doing this you’ll be able to see the home in proximity to commercial properties, freeways, and schools. You can also scope out the landscaping of its surrounding neighbors. These factors give you an idea of what home buyers are interested in. A home’s neighborhood can be as valuable as the home itself when it comes to selling. As the saying goes, “Location is everything.”

Get Your Cash Offer in Fewer than 24 Hours

Know your home’s value. Other factors you will want to consider: the home’s age, square footage, repairs needed or completed, number of bedrooms/baths, and any deferred maintenance that may impact its value. Remember, we buy your home as is and will cover any repairs and maintenance needed prior to reselling. Do not make any changes to your home because we cannot guarantee that the cost of repairs will increase the value. Avoid spending any more time or money on your property.

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